De-Stress Series: What Are Your Clients' Stressor Values? | By Guest Author Steve Mitten


This week's insightful article and coaching tip from Master Coach and Past ICF President Steve Mitten calls to your attention a sub-set of values he calls "Stressors" that can impact the progress a client makes in your coaching sessions.

Clients come to their coach with a thousand different agendas. And if we are a competent coach we focus on helping the client move ahead on their agenda. Moving beyond competence, it is the job of a great coach to get a clear sense of what a client values, what makes them come more fully alive, so we can make sure Read More...

Forget The 7 Deadly Sins, Focus on The 7 Beautiful Virtues! | By Guest Author Steve Mitten


As a culture, we do have a tendency to focus on the negative. That's why I liked this timely article by Master Coach Steve Mitten. I found myself thinking not only on the question Steve asks at the end, but "What would be MY 7 Beautiful Virtues?". Well see what you think of Steve's virtues - and why not comment on this article with YOUR 7 Beautiful Virtues below?

Over the Easter Holiday, my local newspaper ran an article on the "7 Deadly Sins". This term attributed to Charles Dickens refers to the biblical sins of Pride, Envy, Anger, Read More...

Career Coaching Tools: When Clients Have Absolutely No Idea What They Want!

career coaching represented by girl pondering while baking cookies

Have a client who wants a new career but has absolutely no idea where to start? Well, that's where Career Coaching Tools and Exercises come in really handy to get them started on their inner journeys. Because when a client truly has no idea - looking within is the only place to start.

Firstly, if you think you're going to have more clients like this, I highly recommend getting yourself the latest edition of, "What Color is Your Parachute" by Richard Bolles - if only so you can recommend it to your clients! It has some great career coaching tools, Read More...

Why Am I Unhappy? 7 Examples of How We Get Disconnected from Our Values and Our Selves!

Disconnected Values shown by child blocking ears

Our values represent who we are. When we don't honour our values we actually disconnect from our 'selves' - what we're saying is I'm not important and this can leave us feeling angry, dissatisfied, sad and depressed or like there is something missing from our lives.

For more articles on values including how to identify them click here >>

So, HOW do we get disconnected from our values? Here are 7 examples to help your clients understand how it may have happened: Negative associations with a value mean we go out of our way to avoid expressing it Read More...

A Sample Values List - 73 Top Values to Get You Started!

Now I know I said that asking clients to "pick" values from a list often leads to people choosing what I call "SHOULD Values" - the ones they think they should have... But there are still times when a list of sample values can come in really handy. So here are 73 Sample Values to help get you started.

73 Sample Values for you:

The list below is great to give people ideas but remember - it’s NOT a checklist. Values are UNIQUE to each of us and there is no right or wrong – only who WE are!

Accomplishment Accuracy

My Favourite Method to Prioritise Values - And What NOT to do!


I'll start by saying that this process is easier to DO than describe but don't let that put you off! My clients have had really powerful results  - and great Aha! moments with this coaching exercise.

Let's start with the MOST IMPORTANT part!

DON'T ask which value is most important. INSTEAD ask which value they could not be WITHOUT!

This FORCES a true preference rather than getting people caught up in 'shoulds'. So, just imagining it's possible for a moment, if you could:

1) ONLY have FUN/HAPPINESS for the rest of your life but NO HONESTY/INTEGRITY or 2) ONLY have HONESTY/INTEGRITY Read More...

Coaching Questions 101: 7 Questions to Identify Values with Your Client!

I believe that helping our clients understand themselves and what drives them is one of the most important services we provide for our clients. Values work is therefore an essential coaching tool in every coach's toolbox.

Below are 7 questions to identify values with your clients:

We'd also love to hear your questions and include them as a resource for other coaches. So, if you comment with your questions below, we'll add them to the list! 

Ask your client to review their week. What did they go out of their way to do and not do? (Eg. If Read More...

How to Identify a Client's Values - A 3 Step Process for this Essential Coaching Tool!

I don't know about you, but I prefer a free-form approach to helping people identify their values. It's a process I like people to take time over - each step a week or two apart given as homework to bring to our next session.

Once the client has finished the 3 steps below they will have a list of 10 powerful core values - but that's not the end of it! My favourite part of the Values process is prioritisation - and I also explain the prioritisation process I use in a separate post coming next week.

The Values Process I