30 Business Coaching Tools: What, How and When To Use Them!

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People have been emailing saying things like, "I love your new business coaching tools, but where do I start?" So, I wrote this article to outline the 30 business coaching tools in our Business Coaching Toolkit, including why, when and in what order to use them. This article was written to help you use our Business Coaching Toolkit more effectively, but is also helpful if you're a Business Coach looking for a process to follow, if you want to create a Business Coaching Program or perhaps simply want some new business coaching tool ideas for your toolkit!

The Business Coaching

Career Coaching Tools: When Clients Have Absolutely No Idea What They Want!

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Have a client who wants a new career but has absolutely no idea where to start? Well, that's where Career Coaching Tools and Exercises come in really handy to get them started on their inner journeys. Because when a client truly has no idea - looking within is the only place to start.

Firstly, if you think you're going to have more clients like this, I highly recommend getting yourself the latest edition of, "What Color is Your Parachute" by Richard Bolles - if only so you can recommend it to your clients! It has some great career coaching tools, Read More...

Coaching Tools 101: The 9 Coaching Exercises and Templates I Would Not Be Without

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I am often asked which Coaching Tools and Exercises I like best, use most, would recommend or would not be without - so I thought this would be a useful article to write. Below, I share the tools that I think areĀ most universally usefulĀ for coaches and our clients but, as I created them all, if I'm honest I really wouldn't be without any of them! Please note that this is the second longer than usual article - and again, I have tried to jam-pack it with useful tips for you! Enjoy.

I'd also love to hear from you which

10 Essential Questions to Help Your Client Identify Their Strengths!

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Many people can easily reel off their flaws and faults and yet stumble when asked, "So, what do you think your strengths are?" Which is why helping our clients identify strengths is a great service we can perform for them.

Marianne Williamson said, "We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?" Who indeed? Imagine if everyone in the world played to their strengths in their lives. Imagine if your clients consciously used their strengths and customized their work and/or play to their talents...

So, here are 10 Essential Questions to Help Your Client Identify Read More...