How To Create MEANINGFUL Goals With The Wheel of Life Template!

Compass representing wheel of life template

How often have you seen the prospect of a high powered job, brand new Porsche or designer pair of shoes gets your client more excited than the thought of quality time with a child or friends? Because their heart beats faster - they mistake this desire for their heart's deep inner needs. But as we coaches know, desires and our heart's true needs are very different - and when our clients get this personal 'Aha moment' it can be literally life-changing for them. Well, here's one more way the Wheel of Life Template can help!

The Wheel of Life

Coaching Questions 101: 5 Ways to Identify and Work through Your Clients' Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are often so much a part of us that we don't even realise they're there. In fact, asking a client what their limiting beliefs are could be likened to the metaphor of asking a fish for a glass of water: It's so much a part of them that they don't see it.

When our clients are stuck, when they have a goal and are not making progress or when the client is keen, knows what the next step is but avoids or won't commit to it - it's often a limiting belief at work. So this is the Read More...

Coaching Tools 101 - The GROW Model as the ULTIMATE Coaching Tool, Questions and Why it Always Works!

GROW model shown by hands cupping plant

There are many, many different coaching models out there but I still haven't found anything that beats the GROW model for simplicity, effectiveness and results. If you embrace the GROW model - your clients will love you and you'll never lose track in a coaching session again.

So, you probably use the GROW model (or T-GROW) without even realizing it:

T - Topic (Session Topic) G - Goal (Session Goal) R - Reality (Where they are and what's going on for them) O - Options (Ideas and brainstorming - what they COULD do to move forwards) W - Read More...

Have Your Clients Got Psychic Skills or Are They Just Making Assumptions?

When a client comes to me feeling bad about themselves because they were rejected I like to startle them with a question, "Well, are you psychic?" Because unless they're psychic they won't know the REAL reason they were rejected - they are just making assumptions.

We all like to think we can mind-read; they think I'm unattractive, annoying, a loser, they don't like me because I'm too THIS or I'm not enough THAT. But one thing is common - these are all ASSUMPTIONS. And when it comes to rejection, making negative assumptions only makes us feel worse.

Of course there are

Just Make Up Your Mind! 7 Fun Ways To Make Decisions

Have a client who can't make up their mind? Well, whether it's too much information, choice or analysis these fun ideas provide tips to help (you or!) your client make a decision - and move forwards.

7 Fun Ways to Make Decisions Simpler:

FORTUNE-TELLING: Get your clients to imagine a fortune cookie (use all 5 senses if you like!)  Now get them to imagine that the answer they need is on the slip inside. Ask them to crack it open - and then take a look. What does it say? (If it's blank - ask them to imagine waving a magic wand Read More...

One Powerful Way to Wrap up a Coaching Session…

Over the years I have asked the same question to wrap-up a coaching session.

The answers vary significantly from client to client and from week to week - and I learned long ago not to try and second-guess their response. For example, sometimes I thought there had been a powerful realisation or Aha moment and they wouldn't mention it at all. And then sometimes I would feel that the session hadn't gone that well and they would say something huge like, "I realised it's OK to be who I am!"

The question? Simply, "What was your biggest win of the  session Read More...