Should Coaches (and Therapists) Who Have Depression and Anxiety Be Coaching Others?


This is a follow-up to the very personal article where I outed myself for having chronic anxiety (still active but reduced), depression (now past thankfully) and ADD (unsurprisingly still very active!).

I thought I would write this follow-up article because one very brave soul left a comment saying among other things, “If someone struggles with severe depression and anxiety, they should not be coaching.” The comment was kindly put-together and I believe that many people feel the same way, so here is my follow-up post, I hope you read it with an open mind.

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Reflective Journaling Exercise For Stress Release & Authentic Well-Being | By Guest Author Lynda Monk

Journaling Exercise shown by woman sitting on grass watching a lake

This reflective journaling exercise will put you in touch with what you want and need and give you a sense of replenishment, stress release and authentic well-being.

Simply follow the simple steps below for your Reflective Journaling Exercise experience: Book a ½ hour into your schedule. Call it “Time for Self-Reflection” (book this activity in and it is more likely to happen). Prepare for this self-care/self-reflection date by deciding where you will take it (at home, during a break at work, at a café, on a bench in a park…) and get your supplies ready. You will need your Read More…

It's Showtime! Powerful Lessons in Authenticity From Two Movies | By Guest Author Ben Dooley

Yellow Brick Road Movie

It’s wonderful when we can learn powerful lessons from movies. The experience can be so visceral that we feel tremendously impacted. So, there are two wonderful documentaries out there that I highly recommend you rent.

“What? What is this? I’m reading this to be a better coach. Not to build my DVD collection.”

Bear with me. The first movie is “Children Will Listen” where 100 students from Inner City schools all converged to perform a production of Stephen Sondheim’s “Into the Woods”. The other movie is “Yellow Brick Road,” which follows a production of “The Wizard of Oz” with a Read More…

Why Am I Unhappy? 7 Examples of How We Get Disconnected from Our Values and Our Selves!

Disconnected Values shown by child blocking ears

Our values represent who we are. When we don’t honour our values we actually disconnect from our ‘selves’ – what we’re saying is I’m not important and this can leave us feeling angry, dissatisfied, sad and depressed or like there is something missing from our lives.

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So, HOW do we get disconnected from our values? Here are 7 examples to help your clients understand how it may have happened: Negative associations with a value mean we go out of our way to avoid expressing it Read More…

Helping Your Client Work Through Difficult Feelings and Emotions - a 3 Step Model

We live in a society that believes that facts, science and rationality will solve all our problems, but we ALL live with minds that are ruled by feelings and emotions. How many times have you watched a client, friend or loved one do something that’s clearly going to cause them difficulty later on?

Whatever kind of coaching you do – even business, career and executive coaching – it’s feelings that get in the way. And the more hidden the feelings and emotions are – the more likely they are to trip our clients up. So if you have a stuck Read More…